Got mad CAD chops? Is that model giving you fits? This is where you live. Talk CAD or PDM, share tutorials or ask for help.

Shop Talk

A special little corner to talk shop. Feel free to share resources, what you're working on, talk business or post jobs.


All things tech and tools of the trade. Compare slide rules and computer specs, learn about the latest gadgets and share what works for you.


All things engineering, from rockin' the mechanical, electrical scene like a machine to fluids, gears, materials and beams.


Ah, the smell of fresh aluminum shavings. Discuss things that print, cut, sinter, spray, goup, glue and drill, and share how you make things happen.


Discuss the latest design trends, processes, products, projects or concepts. Skinny jeans, thick-rimmed glasses, and pork pie hats required.


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