3D Printer Contest entries?

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Hey guys,

My name is Dustin, I’m a design engineer from South Florida. Been reading here most likely every day for the last couple years. So that’s my introduction, hi!

So I’m surprised I still haven’t seen anything here about the contest on Instructables w/ 3DHubs to win one out of a pretty good pile of 3D printers.This seems like the perfect group for it. (I am not affiliated with anything with this, in case you were getting suspicious).

Link here:

I’d be really interested in seeing your guys entries, see what the rest of this audience is making. So yeah, I wanted to make this post for anyone to throw up a link to their entry if we’ve got any here. I created an easy little 3D printed injection mold to make a silicone wedding band, link here:

So who else is trying to get a free machine??

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