7 Year Old with 3D Printed Hand Throwing First Pitch

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She’ll throw the first pitch at Minute Maid Park in Houston before Game 4 of the World Series.

"To build a hand, UNLV engineers took molds and measurements of Hailey’s hand. After the design file is created, the big printer that develops the primary hard parts might run for up to 24 hours. A smaller printer that produces the flexible parts — like the joints — takes only a couple hours, O’Toole said.

Parts are transferred to a bin, where they soak until all the support material comes off.

Then the hand needs to be assembled — fingers put in place and the fishing line threaded through, among other things — and painted before it goes to Hailey and adjustments are made if necessary.

In total, around 30 parts make up the hand."


A great story. A most awesome story of 3d printing making life better for people