A Closer Look at the Machines Quirky Uses to Bust Out Products Fast


Here at Quirky, our employees aren’t the only ones who get sh*t done. Our machines are more than just a cog in a wheel; they play a huge part in our design and engineering process.

Today, we’ll introduce you to five of our biggest team players:

Name: Assembly line of 3 different machines
Job: Creates functioning circuit boards in 3 steps:
1. Lays solder paste on PCB (Printed Circuit Board)
2. “Picks and places” electrical components onto board
3. Heats up board in “pizza oven” to melt solder
Special Skill: Heating the PCB to just the right temp—hot enough to melt the solder, but not so hot that it will damage the components or PCB.
In the video: Building circuit board for Spotter UNIQ

Name: ShopBot
Nickname: CNC Machine (Computer Numerical Control)
Job: Uses “subtractive” milling to machine prototypes from foam or wood; carves away material, as opposed to 3D printer, which adds material. (Not good with metal. Operates on only 3 axes.)
Special Skill: Taking prototypes from coarse to refined
In the video: Machining a prototype for Stratos

Name: Haas UMC-750
Nickname: CNC Machine (Computer Numerical Control)
Job: Uses subtractive milling to machine detailed prototypes from foam, metal, or wood.
Special Skills: Operates on 5 axes for greater detail and precision than ShopBot.
In the video: Undercutting parts for Spotter, swapping out tools like a boss.

Name: Objet500 Connex 3
Nickname: Marge
Job: Creates prototypes using “additive manufacturing” (meaning that material is added instead of being taken away, as with a CNC machine).
Special Skill: Can use multiple materials and colors in a single print.
In the video: Printing a prototype for __________ ?