A medieval tool that creates complex curves from metal with just two hands

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“It’s technically a rolling hammer—two steel drums that can form sheetmetal into complex curves. In the wrong hands, an English wheel can turn a flat piece of alloy into sine-waved trash. In the right ones, it can make the fender of a Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa in a few hours. Or just about anything else you can build from curved metal.”


Reminds me of a sewing machine. Very cool though. Looks fun.


I saw one of these recently in a Man At Arms video I believe. They were making Link’s shield and they used this to build the curvature of it. Very impressive to watch the craftsmanship that went into it just working that relatively small piece.

Is there a variation of this rolling hammer that is a drop style hammer? I seem to recall seeing them use that on Orange County Choppers to shape curved pieces. It was basically a rounded mandrel with a motorized hammer going up and down over the mandrel and the guy worked the material in the same basic manner as they did on the rolling hammer.