A Mouse to Control Your UAV and CAD (or the First $1000 Mouse)

You now have pitch, roll and yaw control over your 3d model or aerial drone. This is the Wing 3D input device from Worthington Sharpe.

“It is designed to meet the demands of Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle and Remotely Operated Vehicle control, Computer Aided Design software, Virtual Reality, and simulation or training games. The Wing is ideal for any application requiring the speed and accuracy of a high-end mouse, as well as free-flowing and intuitive 3D interaction.”

The price? £650.00… Yes, that’s $1015. (and it only takes 8 weeks to receive it after ordered.)


A truly multipurpose input and control device. Looks fascinating, a bit steam punk with futuristic styling.

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Thanks Rod, it’s been a lot of work to get this far so your comments are really appreciated. We’re speaking to suppliers at the moment about bringing down the lead-time so I will have an update on delivery soon.


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Thank you all for your feedback so far. We’ve created a short (four question) survey to try and get a general overview and I’d be very grateful if you could complete it.

Wing Survey

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