A new (free) 3D CAD software in the works

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Now this is a bit interesting…

SolidShare - Free Software to Create, Share, Sell and Print 3D Designs

"We’ve all seen the rise of 3D printing sites offering files and printing services that can be bought and sold online.

However, they all lack one fundamental solution - a truly professional 3D CAD software program integrated into their platforms. Solid Share is just that - a FREE and professional CAD software program enhanced by a fully integrated collaborative social community. Solid Share will empower collaborative design and interaction between users while incorporating all 3D design needs in one FREE platform!"

The features listed below will be implemented in accordance with the investment received by the project. We always will try to provide the greatest number of features with the best quality possible. Our goal is to deliver a complete platform, and we’ll always look for new ways to improve upon this project.

• Free, unlimited access to professional 3D/2D CAD (design software).

• The ability to crowd-source a single design.

• Cloud-based 3D file storage on our servers, allowing access to your designs from anywhere.

• Import STEP, IGES, X_T, OBJ, STL files from all major CAD software packages, such as SolidWorks, Solid-Edge, Inventor, and many others.

• Import files from 3D scanners.

• Export files in .STL or .OBJ for all 3D printers.

• Export and print files in .DWG and .DXF for detailed models in 2D.

• Convert 3D mesh models into 3D solid models.

• Web-based software. Design right in the browser on any Mac or PC.

• Comment on or review someone’s else’s design.

• Buy designs to tweak, share or print.

• Share or sell your designs. make designs open for editing, sharing and printing.

• APIs for 3D printers, 3D scanners, 3D print hubs, and 3D file sharing sites.

Who’s providing the tech?

Looks chincy. Not sure I buy it.

The presentation could be a lot better. I can’t help but think the association with 3D printing, at least the way they present it, is a bit stale. I think they’re limiting themselves focusing on that.

It looks like it’s based on SolidFace parametric 3D modeling software, which is parasolid.

At a funding level of $385k, I’d say they’re gauging interest, or promoting the SolidFace software, or both. The community interface example reminds me of a circa-2005 customized Myspace profile. And they’re going a freemium route based on storage (number of 3D files) instead of features :confused: