About that "hoverboard" meme/epidemic


Thought you guys would like this story - "How to make millions of hoverboards (almost overnight)".

It’s an excellent piece, telling the story of how factories in China all jump on reverse-engineering and manufacturing a product once it becomes a hit. It’s no wonder then that there has been a rash of fires from poorly made boards, resulting in some governments banning them.

The IP issue is also key. These guys care less about any of that, and just make products as fast as possible.


Really interesting read! “Memeufacturing” is a perfectly coined term for this. I get a lot of product submissions from Chinese manufacturers. I should probably take advantage of that and get some samples, but honestly, I find these things annoying (and badly named).

What is completely impressive to me is how fast these companies can shift to the production of a completely different product. Drones one day, hoverboards the next. Seeing how they tool up for that would be impressive to see.


Great article, thanks for sharing!