All Terrain Vehicle Insanity


Gear Patrol

In the never ending race for All Terrain Vehicle superiority, the Russians are wilingl give 1000% to stay in the lead.
Russian company Avtoros has gone and created a 8 x 8 beast for your traveling pleasure. It also has 8 wheel steering. I’m interested in seeing how that works.

Your’e gonna need a bigger garage to to fit this in when you park it at home. It measures up at 21’ x 8’ x 9’.

Power for driving this comes from a Iveco F1C 3.0 diesel generating 146 HP. Top speed is 43 MPH. I imagine the gas mileage is pretty low. Of course, if you can afford this beast, you are not worried about fuel usage.

Each one of these is built to order and takes 2 months to crank out. It will also set you back $200k. You do get to choose either the Tourist version that seats 9 or the Hunter version that sleeps 4.

I can’t imagine ATV design going past this point. The Russians have probably won the war on this front.


I want them ALL. But the top speed (and price!) is a bit of a downer.


Add a supercharger and we can boost that speed! The price is a bit of a downer. Offset that with some secondary income from one of many Internet projects!


Those Russians like building ATVS though.


The Iveco 3.0 litre engine was the same as fitted to the Fiat Ducato/ Ram Promaster (in the USA) Although it may have just changed to the Euro 6 2.3litre. The top speed would be restricted by the transmission and gearing.

The Fiat Ducato/ Ram Promaster can obtain exceptional fuel economy on open road touring for the size of vehicle. We regularly see 8.6litre per 100km / 27miles per gallon. Although I suspect the gearing and having your foot planted hard on the gas pedal would see those figures climb significantly


I imagine that this beast has some fairly low end gearing to allow it to crush anything in its path as it rumbles across the landscape off road