AMD Threadripper is Threadrippin'

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Check out these Threadripper results. AMAZONG.

This is tested on a single thread:

And multi-thread…


“1950X manages to deliver a whopping 3337 points with all sixteen of its cores running at 4.0GHz. By comparison a similarly priced Intel Core i7 7900X gets 2169 points at stock and maxes out at 2464 with a hefty 4.6GHz overclock. That comes out to a 35%+ difference when both chips are overclocked. Not even the world record Cinebench R15 run of the 7900X at 5.96GHz with liquid nitrogen cooling is enough to surpass Threadripper’s score.”


Really is a dizzying step forward in this market!


What’s amazing is how well it’s going to perform with Keyshot, not that it matters to you much, but I’m looking forward to it.

I am quite upset, though, that it obsoletes my Ryzen 1700X. It’s not even a year old.


It is! And crazy to see how AMD has flipped it around!


Dry those tears Scott. 16 cores. 16 CORES!!

ANd still that 1700X is an awesome price.