Any word on the Carbon3D?

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I’ve had approval from my Manager to get this as soon as available (regardless of Price), so I’m just here like…


Seen this Adrian?

Carbon3D Raises $100 Million from Google Ventures to Bring Their 3D Printing Technology to Market

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Awesome, I definitely think it’s best for us that they are not acquired.

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It’s here!!! :grinning:

that Build Volume though…:confused:

any idea on price or WHEN it will be available… or was this released on April 1st?


No details… other than the price being a subscription model…

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Hardware in subscription??? We went too far.

All professional 3D Printers have some sort of Maintenance/subscription due (consumables not included) and the hardware itself is commonly offered as a lease, so nothing new to the industry really. Maybe by being upfront about it CARBON offers a better cost-to own than everything professional currently out there.

Wow, so disappointed :cold_sweat:…at that build volume and this prices the market for this machine is minuscule

-Annual Subscription $40,000/yr
-Installation & Training Fee $10,000
-Accessories Pack $12,000
-Cyanate Ester Starter Pack $2,000
-Extra Build Platform Subscription $750/year
-Extra Window Cassette Subscription $5,000/year

All this plus the cost of your Resins…AYFKM

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So, the first year cost is $69,750 + resins. The following year is $45,750 + resins. So, the base cost after 5 years is over a quarter million bucks for this printer without the resins. WOW. It had better be worth the princely sum of money they are asking for it.

Yep, hard to justify just for speed, since for that much mula you can get two or more professional machines.