Autodesk CEO Carl Bass Steps Down

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Well, this is all out of nowhere. According to Venturbeat:

“No immediate replacement has been appointed, but Autodesk says it has “formed an Interim Office of the Chief Executive,” which will lead operations until a replacement is found. This will be led by Amar Hanspal, senior vice president and chief product officer, and Andrew Anagnost, senior vice president and chief marketing officer. Hanspal and Anagnost will be interim co-CEOs.”


“I am not leaving to spend more time with my family — that presumes my family wants to spend more time with me,” he noted, somewhat humorously, in a separate open letter. “I will, however, be spending more time in my shop with my robots. I also have some other plans and will have more to say on what I’m doing in the next few months.”


An open letter from Carl is posted on In the Fold.

I have always believed that the best leaders have the vision to see what’s possible and the courage to make it happen. I hope in some small way I’ve held up my end of the bargain, because you have all done more than your fair share to make Autodesk a great, good and important company.


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