Awesome visual guide to joints

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Visual Joint Guide
Core 77 rocks woodworking joinery with this great post. You eyeballs will be poked with a visual potpourri of woodworking joints for reference and a useful chart of where to use them.


The Ultimate Visual Guide To Woodworking Joints

Core77 put together a eye watering conglomeration of woodworking joints from various sources that made me resurrect this topic from the dead. Here a few of eye ripping visuals. Just be sure to smash down on the link at the top to see the entire page of awesome joints.


Love me some wood joints. Thanks Rod!


OK now I need to go get me a router


It does make one want to carve up some wood. :grinning: :evergreen_tree:


I’m looking at a Harbor Freight catalog right now… Bad idea. Bad, bad idea.


You need the equivalent of the Joo Janta 200 Peril Sensitive Sunglasses. Just for Harbor Freight and equivalent catalogs.