Best 3d printer (us $400)?

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I would like to start in the 3D printer’s area

Which one do you think I Can begin With?

  1. ROBO3D
  2. Da vinci printer
  3. ATOM 2.0
    any other??

EB² Dominican Republic


I’ve heard great things about the ATOM 2.0


That looks sharp… I was about to pull the trigger on a Form2 but we just order one at the office and I want to use it at work and see if it’s worth the $3500. This for $1600 looks very high quality.

Thanks for confusing me…


Is the Glowforge an option here? Glowforge on Smacktalk


Glowforge would be more for cuttin.

Trying to keep a list of Delta Printers at link below. It’s short right now :frowning:

It’s a wiki though, so add’em if you got’em.


Rostock MAX
“I’ve had people stop and tell me that the quality of prints they see coming off of my printer rivals that of some more professional printers,”


I just backed Olo for $129. If it works as well as they make it look, it’s the best sub-$400 option I’ve seen. Looking forward to trying it out!


Legitimate question, are you really planning to being phone-less for 3-4 hours every job?


What will happen to the price of resin? US $ 100 a bottle? :grinning:


I don’t use it for at least 8 hours per night, so I don’t expect it to be a problem.

I’ll be quite surprised if this whole thing comes to fruition, and even more surprised if it’s not more trouble than it’s worth in the long term. But at $129, what the hell. It’s worth supporting the effort if only to see how others run with the idea.


Olo updated their FAQ with answers to a lot of the more technical questions folks have posed. For one thing, the resins do come in black bottles. They are shown in clear bottles for marketing images only. :slight_smile:


Hey, I finally got $$$. I need to decide what to buy ($ 2,500- $ 4,000 US)

any feedback?




Just got the Form2 in the Office Friday, will be sharing my thoughts soon


Oooo!!! Excitement! Do share. Look forward to it!


But I’m holding on (my own money) to see how this develops:


Yeah, I was SO close to dropping the coin on that, but with the ship date out in 2016/2017, I decided to wait. (Still waiting on my Peachy Printer - a model KS campaign for how not to do things.)


I just bought this

would need more ???


Hey guys! I have been working for a month with the ultimaker 2+ and I earned US$326 in 72 working hours! (chiripas :D)

It was difficult to work with ABS at first, But I’m moving on.

A course from Coursera begun this week and I think you could be interested, they use Ultimakers with 3D fusion 360.


Just realized their office is like 5 minutes from mine! Seriously thinking on storming the place right now.


Ultimaker? Go… and tell us what they’re up to! :slight_smile: