Best Delta 3D Printer?

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Does anyone have any experience with a Delta 3D Printer? Every time I see one, I want to get my hands on one. I’ll keep a running list here of the ones that look most interesting. Feel free to add.

(Ordered by kit price)

Kossel - $199+ (kit) / $599 (assembled)
Rostock Mini G2s Pro - $368 (kit)
Rostock 301 - $448 (kit)
Delta Go - $499 (assembled)
He 3D K280 $599 (kit)
Orion Delta - $1049 (assembled)
Rostock Max V3 - $999 (kit) / $1899 (assembled)
Trium3D - starts at $1118 (assembled)
Atom 2.5 - $1799 (kit)

Best 3d printer (us $400)?

The Atom just looks amazing to me and the print quality looks fab. Not a lot of detail on their site about software though. Looks like it uses open-source KISSlicer or CURA. No wi-fi support from the looks of it either.




Thanks! Added! You should be able to edit the first post yourself (if you like), since it’s set as a wiki.


Shai here from Deltaprintr. If you can, I would suggest to edit the first post (I wasn’t able to) to update it for our latest printer. See


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Just added the Deltaprintr Delta Go to the list. $499 assembled, mini-hotend, big build area, self-leveling! The prints look AMAZONG. Anyone have this?

Check this out. He picks it up and shakes it, WHILE IT’S PRINTING:


Have you seen this one?

They just came out with a new version that is a fully enclosed delta. It looks pretty sweet!


Oooo. That enclosure looks NICE. And simple too. Haven’t seen too many enclosed Delta printers. I’ve heard of the Altair Delta Printers, but honestly, the price scared me for a rig to just mess around with.

For those wondering what the enclosure looks like, check out the video:


I built the Rostock V3 about 3 months ago. It is my first 3d printer. Worked well right from the beginning. Well made components, excellent parts packs, good online instructions. It has auto bed leveling which seems to work well so far, big build volume. I am using Simplify 3d for slicing/control. I have the Raspberry pi board to make it wireless but have not used it much. All around a great kit for the money!




This is brilliant!! That is quite a build plate.



Oh man, figured that was bad news even before I read it. Too bad, but hardly unexpected at that price. Still eying that Delta Go though :eyes:


Hmm, I believe you can check this info :
Personally I bought Geeetech Delta Rostock Mini G2s, it is actually awesome!


Thanks Mark. Added it to the list!