Best IpadOS Apps

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Just Upgrated my Ipad Pro to IpadOS and I must say it’s something special. Not sure why Apple waited this long but, I think it will help create a category of itself between Mobile devices and laptops. To celebrate will like to share which Apps I believe are special:

-Lumafusion (Video Editing)
-Lightroom (Photography)
-Procreate ( Sketching and Illustrations)
-Affinity Photo
-Affinity Designer
-Panasonic Image App

There are some other great apps, but typically those have a Browser driven counterpart. the ones I listed are only comparable to desktop/pc level software.

No Shapr3D yet? Curious what you think about that one.

Honestly haven’t tried it. I guess that having access to SolidWorks, Onshape, SpaceClaim, Fusion, SketchUp at the PC level, don’t really see a need to have 3D Modeling on my personal iPad. I don’t even use Onshape on the iPad.

Eventually I’ll take the time to evaluate it properly.

Another one that I wanted to love but didn’t was uMake, between their subscription pricing and clunky interface I lost interest very quick.

Lol. That is a lot of modeling apps.

You probably know this, but Shapr3d uses parasolid kernel - exports step, obj, and x_t.

That, Procreate and Sketchbook are def on my list. Will have to check out Lumafusion.