Best pro CNC shops on the east coast?

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I’m looking to do some 3-axis CNC prototyping for a new project, but I’m not familiar with the best vendors out there. Preferably the work would be done somewhere on the east coast, but they don’t have to be local. Any suggestions welcome.

FWIW the parts I’ll be making will range from the size of a shoe box up to about 1.5m x 1m x 10cm, and will probably have very organic shapes. I’ll be cutting wood, foam, and PC/ABS. Quality finish is important.

I’m fairly ignorant on the subject, so don’t hesitate to point out something obvious!

Shameless plug - we’re located in Philadelphia and do some of this sort of stuff pretty frequently on our CNC routers (more of the wood and foam, and less PC/ABS). We also have some 3D printers that can do ABS or ABS-like materials, and many more tools onsite.

Here’s a link - if you want to submit a file for pricing, click on the green button on the right side and fill out the form. We’ll review your file and get back to you with any questions we have.

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I’ve used Protolabs in the past. Sometimes good to find a local source so you can get a look at the operation.