Best Productivity Tools

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There are so many productivity and ‘Getting Things Done’ tools. Here’s a list of the top apps from the SolidSmack community. This is a wiki post, so edit and add! What are yours?

Asana - Project-based todo list for teams
Focus Time - Pomodoro style activity timer
OneNote - Microsoft’s versatile note-taking app
Slack - Team communication app
Trello - Visual list and collab tool
Workboard - Goal achievement, project coordination app
WorkFlowy - Fast, easy lists


I use OneNote all the time! It does have an option to turn notes into Outlook Task (I’m pretty sure it syncs to other Apps too) but I mainly use it as Journal and Notes, I have it in all my devices synced and is an awesome way to record Ideas and thoughts. I always go back and better organize them and convert them into actionable items.

It’s nice when sometimes I kinda’ remember that I had an idea about something… then just search my OneNote and boom, there it is!


Ah, yes, that is a good one. It’s available for every stinkin’ device out there too.


Just a snapshot of how busy my OneNote is:

I use Colors, Fonts, Paper Type, Tags and other functionality to Classify between: Ideas, Projects, Thoughts, Wishlist, ToDo, Personal etc…


Does anyone use Trello?


I’ve used it before, for collaboration on web projects, but not for design/engineering projects. It’s pretty handy as well. Love the interface. In fact, that in an cad app would be interesting.


Asana has made life a lot easier for me. Multiple project tracking, nice integration into slack and easy team management. Workboard has also proven to be a nice tool as well, but I’m still taking it for a spin.


Workboard is a new one to me. Will have to check it out. I forgot about Slack!


anyone tried 10’000ft ? its quite pricey but looks good.

all whats missing from asana is an integrated gantt chart view ( do you guys agree?)


Have you seen Instgantt? Quite of lot of integration in the Asana apps section. I’ve not tried 10’000ft.


Have you heard about ProofHub ? Got most advanced features like gantt charts, reporting, resource management etc. A complete project management solution!