Best way to import Inventor files into Modo?

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Over the past few years I’ve been trying to learn rendering in Modo. But my main problem is getting my inventor files in. Most of the time when it works there are lines all over the place and when I try to clean the polygons it turns translucent even after I’ve made the material double sided…

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Hey Kazsud,

Feel free to post any available screen shots or example files, and I’ll be happy to walk you through it. Do you have the Power Translators plugin? That’s pretty much mandatory for working with CAD files in MODO.

They gave me the trial but I wasn’t impressed enough to pay $500 for it.

Sure. So how are you getting your files in, then? MODO can’t read CAD data natively, so somehow you’re getting a tessellation. What’s your process?

I had a 3d program like sketchup but can’t remember what it was. I ended up finding this .obj exporter for Inventor this weekend for only $99.00

It looks like I have to buy the modo plugin. The other plugin I found exports a entire assembly as one body which isn’t good. The only bad this is that the current cad translator doesn’t work w/ modo 701 :frowning:

I just realized you are the guy demoing the cad translator in the modo video after watching it again. Cool gig!

Ha, yeah, I’ve worked a lot with TF on this kind of thing. If you ever get 801, the whole Interactive Showcase thingy was my baby, so there’s a ton more video there as well.

Anyway, yeah, that’s pretty much what I thought. The Power Translators aren’t cheap, but they’re basically mandatory for serious CAD importing.

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I came across a similar kind of problem. Tried several file format. Turns out that the parasolid file format (if you have that export option from your main application) will output a mesh with all the different parts separated instead of 1 fused mesh.
Hope this helps!

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I finally upgraded to 901 and got the Power Translators plug-in. Importing parasolds doesn’t work for me w/ the plug in but step seems to work the best so far. Minimal repair.

Yeah, the old CAD Loader plugin was Parasolid based, but the new Power Translators stuff is not. STEP is the best format for it.

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