Bicycle Multitool Design

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Core 77 Bike Multitool

I’ve seen a lot of multitools designed and sold for biking enthusiasts. Every single one that I have seen needs to be attached to the bike to carry it around or put into a bag, pouch, or backpack to cart it along with you. The “All In Multitool” pretty much goes all street thug with a ball on the others with its design.

This slick little bugger is designed to use what is typically wasted space on a bike. The hollow in the axle cranks. It slides right inside and is retained in place by a strong magnet. This has been road tested by a couple pro downhill cyclists in the Enduro World Series. Apparently they couldn’t dislodge it. I find that pretty impressive.

So what does this little beauty hold in within it’s body you say? Well, a fine selection of Allen keys from 3mm to 6mm, a Phillips tip, and a T25 Torx wrench to finish off the standard goods. It also has room to stash some chain links too for just in case situations.

It’s and Italian design so from the looks of it, you get a lot of cool options for colors to customize with to match of make your ride stand out. You can hit the link at the top to the main Core 77 post about this bad boy for more pics and info.