Blockchain Tech and CAD/3D Printing


This article at GrabCAD on 3D printing vending machines got me thinking…

What can automation via a ‘vending machine’ do in combination with cryptocurrency blockchain tech to remove the middleman while adding in protection for the design and the buyer… could be an interesting mix. e.g. A 3D printed design purchased with an alt-coin via your hardware wallet.


Interesting. Here’s an article from Deloitte University on just what I’m referring to!

“A key realization is that timely and accurate information about a product throughout its life cycle is in itself an asset. Blockchain serves as a simultaneous transaction and recordation layer, and so it has the potential to unite stakeholders on a single platform (not unlike other ERM or enterprise architecture solutions) around a single source of truth. As we build additional sensors to increase in-transit visibility and eventually move toward Internet of Things (IoT) and ubiquitous sensors, blockchain potentially serves as the data or transaction layer for all of that information moving within and between organizations in an encrypted fashion.”