Bose Announces New Sound-Based AR Platform - Good for Manufacturing?

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Announced at SXSW this year…

Similar to visual AR in manufacturing and assembly lines (e.g. HoloLens), any unique thoughts on how a sound-based AR platform could relay instructions to workers or otherwise ‘enhance’ instruction?

Unlike visual AR, which adds an extra layer of things you can see, Bose AR adds an extra layer of things you can hear.

Using only a Bose AR-equipped wearable, a smart phone and an app enabled with Bose AR, the new platform lets you hear what you see, making everything more valuable, more emotional and more meaningful. All you provide are simple head movements, voice commands and taps on your wearable; the Bose AR platform does the rest. You stay involved in the world around you and your phone stays tucked away.

Read the full press release here:


Will they make them in safety style goggles and glasses?


I’ve heard from a few that the most important part of AR is the sound. Interested to see how this works out.