Brazilian Garage Door Designers Know Their Stuff

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Non mundane garage door designs

Apparently Brazilian garage door designers are not satisfied with making generic, dull door designs for homes. Much like Elzar of Futurama fame, they like to “knock it up a notch”.
Personally, I find these designs pretty exciting and definitely not run of the mill generic by any means.

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Puts my clunky aluminum one to shame :frowning:

I feel so sad for all the poor everyday garage doors in America now after seeing all these awesome designs. The only way to liven them up is with something like those giant stickers you on buses and trucks for advertising.

Think I’ll just take a baseball bat to it and see what turns out.

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Makes me want to slap a garage door on the side of my house. I don’t have a garage, but why should that stop me from having a nice garage door?


Now that’s proof of design that works!