Building a CAD/Rendering Tower


I’m on the market for a new PC. MODO is my main boo these days, so I need CPU cores. Lots of CPU cores.

I do have interest in better GPU performance, and ultimately want to try Octane for some rendering tasks. So I’ll also want a pretty nice graphics card.

Xeon vs. i7? Pre-built vs build-it-yourself?


I used this article as a starting point, and came up with these numbers.

A rippin’ fast PC for $2500? Not bad.


This is more about the case and process than the rendering horsepower, but have you seen this media PC custom build?


Ha! That is an insane amount of work. I will not be doing that :slight_smile:

But definitely inspiring. I’ve been making progress on my part list. Sticking with the Xeon, but I’ve switched motherboards, RAM, and case. Should be a good machine for under $3k.


A dual Xeon for that price. Awesome.


It’s a quad, nunchucker.


You kiss your baby with those fingers? Four Xeons/two motherboards? Beasty. Those heatsinks are gonna take up half the box.


Just one quad motherboard. Found a server board that has it.