Customer or Client

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Seth Godin’s Blog Post: Client and the Customer
When I read Seth’s post this morning in my Feedly stream of goodies I follow, I felt a huge impact whack me upside the head. In our business of making pasteurizers for the breweries of the world we have always referred to the the company buying as a “customer”. Even though we build the equipment to their specifications. I now see our company as a “freelancer” since every job we do is referenced as a project. We don’t sell a product like Rayovac does of just batteries. They have customers just like Seth wrote about, they can choose to buy or not buy the product from them. I have clients. I need to talk to the sales staff and my boss about these differences when we engage our “clients” to improve our work with them so they come back for more.


Yep, that is good stuff. It’s the product/service thing. Those who have clients also need to remember they’re not selling products, they’re providing a service and with that goes along a certain amount of respect and going above and beyond. Too many times I’ve seen the opposite, service providers treating clients like they’re a customer, just buying a product.