Design folder Tree for Projects


Hey Sensei of design!
My boss forced me to have a clean folder for all the project design that we do.
Do you have any ISO standard or common process for that?


Well, here is 3 separate screen captures of the insane folder structure used for projects at my place. Most of our data goes into DBWorks for the drawings. Specialized stuff gets saved out here to these folders on the network Z: drive where these projects are located.


Thanks ROD!. :smiley:


Not all Projects are created equal


I think they went a bit overkill on ours. Although it does cover a lot of bases.


You may definitely want to add folders for Field Photos/Videos and one for Shop Photos/Videos for later references. We have found those to be invaluable when doing new projects for a customer when referring to the photos to see what was done in the field to fix a screw up or improve something.