Desktop CNC Machine

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Desktop 5 Axis CNC
Sometimes you need to prototype something solid and fast. Instead of using a Bakerbot 2000 you can use this fabulous Pocket NC. The Kickstarter for it closed out after the first 1,000 backers in a week. They are planning pre-orders for the next batch though.

3d printed mech warrior with moving parts = my boo

Okay, (1) I need this in my life. Now.

And (2) what kind of CAM software can generate the g-code for this thing? Seems like it would be crazy complex, and really easy to create super long cutting times.


I’d rather just get a CNC setup for my Dremel.


Intriguing. A great many uses for that also.


PocketNC is a hardware partner with Fusion 360. The CNC will come with a one year subscription to Fusion 360 ultimate and will therefore have the 5 axis toolpaths needed to make this thing shine. Scroll to the bottom here: