Desktop Organization

Things To Keep Small Paper At Hand
These are some pretty nifty desktop designs for grabbing on and keeping those desktop notes you scribble and have laying around lets you plop them in one spot. I keep a stash of 3 x 5 cards around since they are so inexpensive and fit well in my shirt pocket when I need to dash out the door with my notes jotted on them.

This one for the 3 x 5 cards I like since it seems well thought and is made from wood.

This one seems interesting also.

Still, hit the link for to see all the design examples and post any of your favorite desktop dead tree organizers.

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Much better than the old “throw it on any flat surface” method that I’ve been using.

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My notes tend to get lost that way @adam.

Ah, but that’s the point, Rod.


I like the urban look of this method…

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To avoid work perhaps @adam ?

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