Does Microsoft's New Design Toolkit Make Any Sense to You?

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So, Microsoft has a new Inclusive Design Toolkit.

David Story says, “By designing for someone with a permanent disability, someone with a situational disability can also benefit.”


So, designing for someone who has lost an arm can benefit someone who is holding a baby (or vice versa, I imagine). Other examples.

Makes perfect sense actually… IMHO

Don’t you think this boxes in the possibilities though? Of course, a design can’t do everything for everyone, but when you put such a tight constraint on a process, you’re going to miss something.

Not sure I see the problem. Makes sense to me as well.

Outside the rigidity of it, it does make sense. The response to it is quite comical though. It doesn’t seem to make sense to many, based solely on the use of the term disability. One of my favorite responses was…

“comparing the two is offensive. You can put a baby down, they sleep, someone else can hold them. I can’t grow another arm.”


enough with effing “Offensive” nothing is offensive because it was not written with the intention of offending! The political correctness in this country is just getting to a ridiculous point…

Now I could argue that that response is “offensive” because no I cannot just put my baby down… it’s never ending

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I guess I don’t see the rigidity. AFAICT it’s just saying that there are reasons beyond just disabled persons to consider usability. Is there more to it than that?

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TOTALLY AGREE. It’s ridiculous.


Someone is offended by everything, but that doesn’t mean that nothing is offensive.


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Don’t get me wrong. I like the concept. It’s just really one-sided. Even though it’s set up to be complementary, it doesn’t adequately consider the business side–strategy, feasibility.

And there’s a lot of emphasis on providing the ability for the disability, without thinking that maybe the ability could be replaced by something else entirely.

I meant from those images in the Design Kit… not as in “nothing ever”

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