El Cheapo 4k UHD Monitor

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$350 - Best price on an UHD monitor I’ve seen. I know nothing about the manf though. Must have peanut butter for an input… ah, one each of HDMI, DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort.

AOC U2870VQE 28" 4K LED Monitor

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Ooooooh peanut butter input. My fav. Smear it on, baby. :kissing_heart:

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I went from one Apple thunderbolt display to one Asus PB287Q thinking the 4k screen real estate would be enough. But now I think I would be better off w/ 2 Asus PB278Qs 3k…

Hard to beat two screens. You just need another 4k!

Another good deal on a 4K screen


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Ooo, that is nice. $399, but only 28 inches. I’ve honestly never heard of Monoprice. Any good?

Yeah they are really good for the prices they have! I get cables/adapter and accessories from them, have also gotten speakers and tv mounts. super cheap with good quality!

Samsung 28" 4k on woot! $339.00. 10 hours left!


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