Err0r Messages - share your best

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Inspired by @ocell’s comment here:

This is the collection of error messages I’ve collected over the years, totally intending to do a post about them at some point. Some of them are fairly typically, others are… well, completely boggling to the mind. Here’s what I have so far!


“Failed to save document.” has caused so much fist smashing in my office.

The completely blank ones crack me up every time.

A couple more I’ve saved.

Guess what… clicking “Don’t Restart Now” TOTALLY restarted Solidworks.

Existential Filleting

What’s Apple trying to say about Faxes?

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This happened in the Facebook iPhone app.

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This thread is getting good.

Ah yes, good ol’ ‘Failed to Save Document’. The post on SolidSmack (with 42 comments) on how to deal with that is still getting activity, even though it’s seven years old!

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I know it’s fake. But this has been my all time favorite.

Ok, then. I guess I’ll look into that, Solidworks. Thanks for the heads up.