Formlabs is doing it right!

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I just love what these guys are doing…

:heart_eyes: Colors!!!


I think the same, I have 6 months with form 2 and the new resins are incredible!.
We just try flex resin the other day :smiley:


Awesome. Interested to see how people are using this. This is just new basic resin correct? Not a device for multi-color resin printing - that would be all kinds of crazy.


I’m a little lazy I guess, but my first reaction was that this looks like a ton of work.

The results are impressive though - no argument from me on that point.


Seems to be bold move on their part. Also awesome. I agree with @joshmings on seeing how peeps end up using this or perhaps not using it. I think people will most likely use it as the advantages are too cool not to do so.


And it only took 4.5 years!!!


In general the whole 3D Printing industry has failed to deliver… but among the zillions of attempts I believe FormLabs and Markforged are taking the best approach and developing great product. We own both here at the office, they we’re both bought on top of an existing $150k Stratasys machine that has failed to live to its expectations.