Free CAD Training

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Not sure if you guys knew but just realized SolidProfessor has free Courses for Fusion 360 and Onshape.

If you’re new year’s resolution is to learn something new… those are great resources.


And if you want to keep it Old School… this Video Series on SolidWorks Complex Modeling is Amazing!

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Great find! Those guys are ON IT with ONSHAPE.

Looks like SolidProfessor uses the same instructional videos that are all available directly on the Onshape website.

We’ve worked hard to create these. : )

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Can they even do that? I’m guessing that is why they are free?

I honestly don’t mind, since it gives us more exposure. But I’m an engineer, not one of the people who made the videos. Perhaps our marketing department would like to hear about it…

I do, however, think that they have a worse user interface for viewing the videos. They use a flash plugin instead of HTML5 video and require a bunch of personal info to sign up to view them. For those reasons, I’d encourage people to view the originals.

I’m almost certain there is an agreement between the companies, and I wouldn’t be surprised if SolidProfessor Created them for Onshape, They have the same format than all of there other content and the narrator sounds familiar.

Yup! So true

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