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Free Font Roundup

Free, one of the best four letter words in the world. Today, you get a link to 101 of a round up of the best free fonts via The Web Designer Depot. So hit the link and and gobble up the all the fonts you can grab and go design crazy. And grab some icons over here to go with the fonts while your at it: Freebies: Icons


Christmas Time Display Font
Nothing quite like a free holiday font on Thanksgiving day to make you feel even more grateful. Many thanks to the folks at Web Designer Depot for the link.


My favorite site with free fonts is Fontfabric:

Losttype used to have some free fonts for commercial use, but not any more, now they restriced them to only personal use. Sill fonts themselfs are goood:

Last but not least, fontsquirrel:

Also don’t forget to browse Behance from time to time.


Curely Font
Webdesigner Depot rocks Friday with another free font for your design library. Smash the link and grab it while you can.


Fonts With Personality
Today, Smashing Magazine tosses twelve (12) free fonts in your general direction. These gems will make you look like a profound genius when your project is done. So smash down your pointer thing on the link and pillage the downloads like a real Viking would and go make some awesome content with these new fonts.

A few examples





Awesome Rod. That Moriston typeface is excellent. Great story too.


Free Font
Webdesigner Depot has a nice free font Olesia available for download. Crash through the link and go grab it.


Perty! I like it! At least the lower case.


Solaris Font
Webdesigner Depot kicks off the weekend with a beautiful free font family for you to get your grubby hands on today.
So do what you do best by mashing the link to go get the free goods.


48 Handwriting Fonts
The Creative Bloq has gathered together a fantastic list of 48 FREE handwriting fonts for you to grab and use for all of your own twisted and demented design purposes. Hit the link to their website and start downloading these fonts and get to work producing works of arts that will bring tears to our eyes.

Here are a few examples of the fantastic typography available:


Template Train release Free Fonts Weekly - here’s an example of that sweet free font goodness!

FREE: Deepo – Handwriting Font:



Here’s another one for your collection:

FREE: Fibre – Vintage Font:


Sweet looking fonts! Thanks for sharing the font love. :grinning: