Freebies: Icons

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The best things in life are free. Like ICONS!
Ya gotta love the folks at Web Designer Depot. They constantly throw out stuff for free like these awesome icons.
40 of them! For FREE. Get them while you can.

Freebies: Fonts

These are fabulous. I love the muted tones. Totally #smackdown worthy!


All hail the #smackdown worthy icons.


I like that they included both Boxer Briefs and Thighty Whities… so considerate.


It appears the icon designers were aiming to “cover” all the bases. :smile:


Very cool! Thanks for sharing.


Awwww I’ve been looking for a good open faced egg sandwich icon for my new app! Perfect. Now my daughter can order her breakfast from the comfort of her crib.


Sharing is caring @SWiLE.


Office and Business Icon Pack

Smashing Magazine has a freebie deal on Icons! Go and grab you some of this 92 icon pack in the formats of AI, EPS, PSD, PDF and SVG.


Smashing Magazine has FREE Halloween Icons

Snap up you 19 free Halloween Icons in AI, EPS, PDF, SVG and PNG formats today!


Free Voyage Icons

Smashing Magazine has another great set of freebie icons for you. Get them while the getting is good.


Great find there Rod!


Always on the lookout for the free stuff Josh.


Animated Icons
Web Designer Depot slaps you in the face today with an awesome free download of twenty (20) free ANIMATED icons for your use. So, crush the link with your preferred mouse pointer and get these freebies while the getting’s good.


No cats!! FOR SHAME :slight_smile: Thanks Rod!


One takes what one can get for free. Cat or no cat.


Christmas Icons
Smashing Magazine delivers a free stocking stuffers for everyone with some spiffy Christmas icons.


Easter Icons
Smashing Magazine graces us with a set of Easter Icons for your design needs. Crush the link, grab and go, and design something with Easter awesomeness.


Hotel and Spa Icons
Smashing Magazine has a nice set of 55 FREE icons for hotel and spa use for y’all to download.
So crush down on the link and pick them for yourself.

Here a sample of them.


Soccer Icon Set

Smashing Magazine comes through with another awesome set of freebie icons for committing more graphic warfare on your eyballs. A bedazzling set of Soccer Icons! Enjoy the link and download these goal scoring graphics.