Fuse 1 sls 3dprinter

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Love the promo… not sure about the machine. We own a Form2 and love it, and would Trust Formlabs with making another good machine, just not sure where this SLS tech lands in our workflow.


Published a write up on it today. Do you use the Form 2 for prototypes or production pieces? Could the Fuse 1 move you to creating more specific production pieces? What if they add metal powder?


We use it about 90% Prototypes, 10% End use parts for Testing Fixtures (not production). The main reason we don’t use it more for Fixture components is because we own a Stratasys Connex 260, which takes care of most of that need; but the Form2 is certainly capable. It is an awesome machine, borderline high-end professional (There are some instances of minor warping or parts not meeting .005 tolerance)

I like the idea of the Fuse1 as a small run product powerhouse (like the bike seat), but would be for personal entrepreneurial projects. For work, if the metal printed parts are machinanable, then that would be:


Adrian, im looking for the best table stand for use on
1- form 2
1 prusa
1 Ultimaker 2+

(SLA-FDM-material) any idea?



Their will definitely be some resin drips, so my main suggestion would be to get something that has a hard (wipable) surface. Also the machine needs to be level on setup, so the sturdier the better.