Future of CG Software?

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How would you like a 3D CAD system that allowed you to generate models procedurally? Denis Kozlov thinks it’s the future of CG software and I think he has some good arguments for it.

“Now imagine a system where you can create any visuals or 3D objects by merely describing them. Doesn’t matter whether with words or parametric sliders, existing or totally made-up. What’s important is that you don’t need to understand the technicalities in order to create, unless you want to. This is high-level graphics creation, as opposed to directly manipulating pixels or polygons at the low level.”

Why does he think this is the future?

I am absolutely sure that such software will inevitably appear because
a) it is better than the current tools,
b) it can be created.

More of his thoughts are here:

Here’s the example he made - a procedural creature generator:

But it could also be used for aircraft design…

Or other design?


I don’t think he’s too far off, but I suspect it will apply to UI/UX as well, e.g. adaptive interfaces.

  1. Procedurally definition, of or relating to a procedure or procedures, especially of a court of law, legislative body, or law enforcement agency.

  2. I abhor the thought of talking to computers…my Mom had a Ford Thunderbird that every time any door was opened the car would say “The door is ajar” No sh*t Sherlock, very annoying.


Forget talking…

The wristband would enable users to leverage their hands as in-game controllers as well. “We have the ability to let the user actually customize the signal that they’re sending into the device,” he continued. “We call it adaptive learning. The idea would be that the device would learn whatever gesture the user’s doing, and use that to control something inside of the game.”



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