Glowforge Consumer Desktop Laser Cutter

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OK! I’m officially freaking out now! the amount of imaginary money I have to virtually throw at new toys is running out…

What would you get, this Laser or a Form2?

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Is bank robbery looking to be an option now @Adrian_Diverso?

It would be but I need a Drone, a 3D Printer, a Laser Cutter and an Ipad Pro so that plan goes perfect, The Chiken or the Egg dilemma

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Curses!! A very vicious circle.

Published a story on this today! By the end of writing it and watching the video so many times, I needed to splash cold water on my face. I’m 100% certain I want one. I’m 88% certain I will be getting one.

What gets me is how they’ve done what every desktop 3D printer manufacturer has failed to do–create a solution that’s equally attractive to consumer and professional.

Really shows that the software is equally important as the hardware is equally important as the design. Product of the year right here.


And you can get an extra $100 off, if you’re an Instructables member. Boy howdy!


Any questions you would like to ask Dan? We’ll be interviewing him this week!

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How much has Autodesk offer to acquire them… :grin: ?

Ha! For reals. I’m thinking they’ve had multiple offers.

Posted an interview with Dan this morning. Have a look:

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