How to Core Holes in Concrete without Cords

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Coring Holes In Concrete Cord Free

Contractors cut holes in concrete with borings bits of various sizes. Some are really big. The majority are made to be cooled with water to carry away waste material from the cutting. The drive units are big and bulky and need power cords that are conveneint to trip over.

Developments in battery and cordless equipment tech have created tools like Metabos 9" cordless angle grinder that is paired up with US Saws Core EZ system to allow you to munch through concrete with ease now…

You can drill from a 3" to 10" hole. The tool is powered by either a single 36V battery or tow 18V.

Hit the link at the top for more info on the story at Core77.


Cool stuff, but seems like if you have to have a water hose already, a power cord isn’t that bad - the tripping hazard benefit seems spurious to me, but these do look handy for working far from power (with a pressurized water container).


Advantageous if your generator runs out of gas. Or, as you pointed out Alex, far from a convenient power source.


Wouldn’t something like this make more sense?


I can see this being useful in remote locations where you need to be drilling a lot of holes and run out of power/batteries. Always good to have a backup plan @adam.


I suppose if, in addition to remoteness, you add the limitation of enclosed spaces not amenable to fumes, then you’re back to electric.