Inventor newbie here - help wanted - triangular assembly

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i have 3 50x50x3mm profiles with a hole at each end that i want to connect in a triangle. the first 2 holes i constrain with an inset but i cant connect the 3rd hole as there is a gap of 3 mm. i do not want to add a washer because in real life the bend slightly but its negligible.


Hmmm, can you provide an image? It sounds like you’ve fully constrained it, i.e. removed all degrees of freedom, with the two constraints. Can you work the gap into the geometry?


Try replacing one of the INSERT constraints with a MATE constraint, selecting the axis of each of the holes. The insert constraint combines an axis-to-axis constraint and a face-to-face constraint. As an alternative, you could apply a value of 3mm to one of the INSERT constraints.