iPad Pro discussion

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Interesting… yesterday I read 51 comments on her post, went back today for more… now there are only 25 comments, seems the ones mentioning she is exaggerating or wrong about the Cintiq, are gone… :confused:


I’ve never liked the Cintiq, TBH. The colors are, as she puts it, whack. And the low res, the weight, the heat, and the parallax were always enough to keep me from bothering with them. My old Intuos 4 is much better for me.


Definitely looking forward to trying the Pencil, but won’t be Pre-Ordering. Until I try it and compare with what ever MS an ounces Oct 6th…


Exactly what we’ve been waiting for:

Spencer blows it out of the water with his comparison, I think he does keep it objective. All 3 devices have great Pros and some Cons, so it boils down to the specific scenario of the user.

In my case I currently don’t own a Personal PC (desktop nor Laptop). I do have both of those for work, but I can’t do large personal projects on those since they are company property. I been getting away with just owning an iPad mini and borrowing my wife’s Macbook Air occasionally. So my dilemma continues:

I WANT the iPad Pro… but I NEED the SP4…


Finally when out to try out the iPAD Pro with the Pencil, I must say I was not impressed. Based on what I read I guess I was expecting to be mind blown. Yeah is in the Top 3 of Digital drawing options… but is still an ipad that it runs on. Both the Pencil and the tablet itself felt heavy to be drawing for extended periods of time.

Just my two Pesos…


Thanks Adrian. Going to give it a try soon as well. Just got the ThinkPad P40 Yoga, so will be nice to compare!