Is Apple done? not impressed

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To me this keynote seemed about merely playing catch with the likes of Google, Microsoft, and Amazon… thoughts?


I agree. I mean, it’s impressive and beautiful - the core count is drool worthy, but with Intel and AMD competition on CPU tech getting exciting, there are going to be a good set of PCs with same or more power… for way less than the $5k entry point for the iMac Pro!

I’d like to see a new HP Z1 with a 5k 27" (or ultrawide) screen with 18+ cores. Boy howdy.

And then there’s the i9 processors. Mmmm.


And I just can’t grasp why Apple is so stubborn that they won’t just put macOS in the iPad… it would be a true Surface Killer!


What about their ARKit? It’s like they’re chasing Google and Facebook yet again.


Very late into the game… i’m sure any serious AR developer is already well vested in the existing platforms, most of which are 3-5 years in, so i’m sure they won’t jump ship just to get into ARKit.

I do see this taking stuff like the Snapchat Filters to a whole new level; but that is not a “Professional” application per-say.


I think they (rightly) see iOS as eventually replacing MacOS (gasp! horror!)

It’s obviously a long way from ready, but it’s pretty clear that this is the long term intent, so I imagine they don’t see a point in burdening their tablets with software that was designed for mice and keyboards.

In my opinion they are doing the right things from an iOS perspective, and what we really need is more native apps for iPad, not a way to duct tape desktop apps into a non-optimal tablet OS.


Well, the problem I see with that (as a Laptop, Surface Pro 4 and iPad owner) is that: no mater how good a Tablet OS gets, it will never ever in a million years replace the productivity and speed of keyboard and mouse.

The true future is in 2-in-1 devices. I truly would like for apple to have a device in that space.


I like the surface in a way, but what holds it back IMO is Windows. It’s just too difficult to use a desktop OS on a tablet.

I don’t agree that the future is one-size-fits-all devices. I expect the opposite, in fact: different devices for different purposes. I’d rather use a desktop for desktop work, and a tablet for tablet work. The blurring will happen as these devices integrate more seamlessly (universal clipboard from Apple is a good example of this).

Pure respect, Adrian! I just see it differently.


Pure respect for you too Adam, just different perspectives.

The same could be said for the iPad, what holds it back as a “Pro” tool is iOS, attempting to do intensive tasks is just frustrating.

if Apple does go the path you mention with a new OS for the iPad… my only hope is that they call it Tablet Accelerated Computing OS or tacOS for short


I want something designed specifically for my EE friends’ simulation needs. Let’s call it the Compute-Heavy Electrical Engineering Tablet OS