LG WTFChat. Please no

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This IoT thing has gone too f’in far. “LG HomeChat - Your home appliances’ chatting buddy!”

I had to look this one up just to see if it was actually for real.

It is.

Among the features:
“Try giving commands by selecting options or tapping on cute stickers!”
“Cute little customized remote-controls to help you select every complicated function in your chatroom!”
“Talk to your smart home appliances like you would to any other friend!”

Any. Other. Friend.

LG. My appliance, is not, my friend. Work on making a microwave handle that doesn’t break, then we’ll talk chatting appliances.

The mix of nausea and just plain sadness for the future of things is indescribable.

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I don’t know why you’re so down on talking to your appliances, Josh. That’s most of what I do all day anyway. Would be nice if they responded in some way.


“Yo fridge, how was your day?” “Just chilling in the kitchen all day dude. Kept your Mountain Dew extra cold for your WOW gaming when you got in.”


“I know the warm embrace of an oven. I’ve felt the joyous tears of a side-by-side refrigerator after a thorough cleaning. They speak to me. They are my friends. Sometime they make me toast. Other times we talk long into the night, remembering burnt casseroles, discussing stainless steel design trends, or the sad state of home appliance repair. They and I, will forever be, friends.”


The webcomic Diesel Sweeties by Richard Stevens has foretold of this human/appliance conversation on many occasions.

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It’d be nice if fringe could talk me out of reaching for the ice-cream, over the greens… or it would just be a very awkward situation, where I’m eating ice-cream while my judgmental fridge watches…

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It could be much worse than that @Adrian_Diverso.