Li-Fi Will Make It All Better

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This will be interesting for Cloud connected apps. And Apple may have support as early as iPhone 7. So, to be connected, you’ll now need to have power and the lights on :slight_smile:

The big advantage of Li-Fi, short for “light fidelity”, is its lightning speed. Laboratory tests have shown theoretical speeds of over 200 Gbps – fast enough to “download the equivalent of 23 DVDs in one second”.

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Thank you speedy photons. Although, I’m not sure if I need download 23 DVD’s worth of data in one second. I’ll still take it though.

Unfortunately light doesn’t travel through walls :-/

We can put in those mirrors they have in warehouses so the forklift drivers can see who is coming around the corner. Just bounce the light off of those suckers into the other rooms. Or, we use fiber optics to drive it to a transmission point in every room!

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You may be on to something there Rod.

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My friends don’t call me Crazy Rod for nothing. Or maybe they do have a reason. This needs further investigation and polling of my friends.