Massive Mechanical Tree with Wings

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A massive steel tree with walkways, hanging gardens and large mechanical creatures walking around it? I’m just sad this isn’t finished yet.

This is the most ambitious project to be undertaken by the authors of Les Machines de l’île and La Machine company. A monumental steel sculpture more than 50m (165 ft.) in diameter and 35m (114 ft.) high!

We know many people follow our creative universe. The visitors of Les Machines de l’île come to Nantes from all over the globe to discover our creations. The four years required to build the Herons’ Tree will be a challenge for us. We need to share this incredible artistic adventure and this technical and industrial challenge. A third of the 35 million euros necessary to build the Tree will be funded by private companies and individuals. A monetary fund for the Herons’ Tree was created especially for this fundraiser. We want this funding to be available for all and for that Kikstarter is an amazing tool, in Nantes and worldwide.

I do hope there is a making of book on all of this… gasp

Obtaining the co-sharing title deed opens access to the story of the Tree’s construction. The authors will share this adventure with you in 14 chapters (one every three months), including drawings, sketches, blueprints, movies, photos and tales about the growth of the Tree!

Estimated delivery - June 2018. Grand opening is set for Spring 2022 :tired_face:


Mystical and impressive to no end. Want to visit!


I love the architectural drawings. LOVE them.