Meta Debuts Meta Viewer™ AR App for 3D CAD

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Holding out for AR to view your 3D models? Meta is moving forward with their CAD viz plans.

They unveiled ‘Meta Viewer’ at SOLIDWORKS World 2018 and, in March, provided more info on their blog.

the platform will allow designers, developers, sales personnel, and non-technical employees alike to import and view AR-ready CAD models in the form of a customized glTF file format in the Meta 2 AR headset.

Now, they are bringing the beta version of Meta Viewer to the Meta 2 headset. Though support for more formats than SOLIDWORKS, it’s still primarily focused on that user base.

Key benefits of Meta ViewerTM Beta:

  • Supports 3D model viewing in multiple file formats - Khronos gITF 2.0, SOLIDWORKS gITF, SLDASM, SLDPRT, STEP and STP.
  • Use hands to perform basic model interactions including moving, rotating or scaling an image
  • View and directly apply display states and animation to supported model formats (currently SOLIDWORKS gITF). This includes:
  • Animations such as exploded view animations and motion study
  • Materials and colors
  • Display states that allow for different material and part configurations
  • View supported model formats in real-world 1:1 scale (currently SOLIDWORKS gITF).

The Meta ViewerTM Beta app will be available to download this week from the Meta website at

If you don’t have a Meta 2 headset, you can get it with the Meta AR Dev Kit for $1495.

Via: Businesswire