Microsoft Surface (Pro 4 & Book)

Well that was an exciting Launch event! The specs and details will be all over the interwebz just wanted to focus more on what intersted us here on this forum.

To me it was pretty evident MS was set to make sure either of them were iPad Pro competitors they stressed the fact that this is beyond that. They showed the devices running CAD (Solid Edge, Pro E, NX… Not SW). and Adobe Premiere Pro. Those tools are as Pro as it gets. They also exclusively compare the devices to the Macbook Air and the Macbook Pro, overall I think they got the point across.

Yesterday I was thinking I’d had to decide between the iPad Pro and the SP4… Today the dilema is between the Pro 4 and the Surface Book


My Surface Pro 3 is too new to consider upgrading, but I am very tempted to get the Surface Book. For each one fully loaded, they both cost US$2700 each. The little larger screen (when traveling) and the discrete graphics means the Book wins. I’m never without the optional keyboard with my Surface Pro 3. Accessories for the Surface Pro 4 (aka keyboard) means that it would be more expensive than the Book.

Yep. I think the wife is going to be very upset that I’m buying another computer I don’t really need.

And the one thing I don’t like about the Surface Pro 3 is that the writing surface with the pen is too smooth. I really like the tip options that are with the Pro 4 and Book. I wonder if they work with the Pro 3.

Argh, you beat me to posting these!

They went beyond replacing the iPad, this is a full-on iPad/Mackbook replacement. Let’s see if they can make those sales happen though. (I know I’m sold.)

Visuals in that trailer are great too, eh :wink:

even on the stage presentation, they are literally comparing the surface book with macbook pro

Regarding the Pen, feedback from people that tried it has been positive. Particularly mentioning that it has somewhat of a resistance/drag to it, better mimicking the feel of pen & paper.

On top of going to 1024 points of sensitivity (from 256), the improvements include less parallax and latency as well as the replaceable tips for different feel (writing vs drawing)

The “speed” of the pen is the one thing I don’t like about my Surface Pro 3. The contact between the screen and the tip is so smooth that I can hardly write. More tactile feedback is a request I put in a while ago. Glad to see Microsoft listened to its users. Now I wonder if I can get that optional set of tips to work with my Surface Pro 3 and pen.