Monitor Compatible with Surface Pro 3?

I’m getting my home office fitted and I’m looking for a large (27" -ish) monitor that is compatible with the crazy aspect ration of the Surface Pro 3 that won’t suffer from the weird scaling issues that are built into that Microsoft piece of hardware. Anyone have any experience?

If you connect the Monitor as a Projector you would be able to setup the best Resolution for that display regardless of the Aspect Ration of the device. is the SP any different in terms of allowing that?

I’m currently using my Samsung tv that happens to have a VGA port on the back of it (the HDMI port is hooked up to my Directv box).

The PC/VGA port defaults to a much lower resolution than what the tv is actually capable of. Bummer. But it helps to prove the concept.

When I extend the displays, I can use separate aspect ratios. If everything I’m doing is windowed, then I have no problem switching the applications between screens other than having to resize the windows. But, if I’m running anything fullscreen: games or VPN, for example, then I can’t get the full-screen app to run on the second screen. I need to duplicate the display.

When I try to duplicate the display, I have to adjust the resolution of the SP3 to match the monitor. Doable, but because the SP3 uses 150% scaling on icons and fonts, I have to manually adjust the scaling every time, too, or nothing fits. I have set the scaling to 125% as my default, but even that is hard to get used to. Very small icons. I tried 100% for a couple minutes. I could hardly find an icon with the mouse cursor, much less pen or finger.

So, I’m looking for a monitor that at least has a wonky aspect ratio like the SP3 so I can duplicate the display and not have to adjust the scaling.

Well the problem here is the VGA, since it’s an analog signal the resolution will be a problem regardles of what you hookup. I’d recommend you get a USB 3.0 Dockstation and use the DisplayPort out. Some docks allow up to 4K out.

It’s the mini-display port to VGA adapter because that’s the only input remaining on this tv. (Although I’ve been thinking about a DisplayLink USB Graphics Adapter to boost my graphics performance over the built-in Intel graphics.)

Before I invest in an actual monitor, I wanted some input. So far, the reviews on Amazon and Newegg for any monitor combined with the Surface Pro 3 have been less than stellar. The best option I’ve seen so far is the Dell P2314T

But, I want at least a 27" monitor and the above monitor doesn’t even have VESA compatible mounting. It’s the provided stand or nothing. I like that the touch screen actually works, but only if the monitor is configured as the primary display, which causes its own problems when the Surface Pro is removed from the docking station.

While I like the Surface Pro 3, and I’m really trying to use it as my primary device because I’m tired of syncing between a desktop and laptop, I’m really leaning towards having a desktop workstation again and only using the Surface Pro on travel.

I picked up a 27" AOC to use with my SP3 and am pleased with it so far. Part of the reason for my choice was the price. It, like me, was cheap:

I definitely like the price, but I’m debating if HDMI or Displayport is the better connection.

For HD (1080p) either is fine. If you’re going to 4K go with DP