Most Attractive Employers for Engineering

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Universum ran a survey where they asked students where they wanted to work after graduation. These were the results.

1 - NASA
2 - Tesla
3 - Space X
4 - Google
5 - Boeing
6 - Lockheed Martin Corporation
7 - Walt Disney Company
8 - Apple
9 - General Electric (GE)
10 - U.S. Department of Energy

Space seems popular. And Microsoft dropped off the list from last year.


An interesting list there Josh. They want to work on stuff for the future which is cool. However, it’s all the idea type stuff. None of them want to design Mike Rowe “Dirty Jobs” type equipment that needs improvement. It’s like none of them have ever seen

We need idea people for the future. We also need designers to continually improve upon existing equipment and designs too.


Very interesting, I’m curious to see how that list would look if you ask Engineers that have being professionals for 10-15 years.


Oooo. Now, that would be very interesting. Whhich employer would you pick?


My first choice would be to be a consultant/self-employed. If that’s not an option, I would pick a Start-Up company. A place where I would be able to work on different aspects of the product and business; being confined to a very specific role in a large company is not the most fun thing.


I’d go with something that builds industrial/machinery equipment. Similar to what I do now. As long as It is some type of large machine I’d be cool with it.


I was glad to see the Mouse up there, but I would make an admittedly prejudiced plug for more left-brain engineer types (all you Proto-Leonardo’s out there) to look at other Arts and Entertainment related Engineering Gigs. I work for the Entertainment Division of McLaren Engineering Group. We do consulting work for many theme parks (including the aforementioned Mouse) but also for Broadway, Film, Rock and Roll, Cirque du Soleil, Sculptors and many other creative endeavors; and I will say this: we are never bored. Exhausted, frustrated and stressed out of our gourds frequently, but not bored.


First of all, thanks for the like. Secondly, if you like big machines I have two links below to projects we worked on that fit that bill that you might find interesting. 100 foot tall robotic dancing cranes (the birds, although we used a lot of technology cribbed from the other type of crane) and the largest hydraulic motion platform ever (we think although that may need verification) for Cirque du Soleil.


Cool stuff there you did.


Great list, and yes, I’d love to see the one where we old farts weigh in.

NASA at the top? Awesome.