Nixie Wristwatch

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Nixie Wristwatch

This is probably one of the most unique uses of Nixie tubes that I have seen yet. Igor Gudiy from Italy ramps their use up to an 11. He uses them in wristwatches! He sells them in his shop on Etsy. They are freaking impressive.

They whip out the time in 12/24 format along with the date and temperature.

Body is aluminum or brass. Screen is Gorilla Glass, talk about protection!

A bit pricey at $852 each, but the sheet awesomeness of having one and the cool level is unheard of.

For the full story, crush down on the link at the top.


Oh man! This is super cool. Nearly worth the price. yikes!


How many trips to Starbucks to you skip to pay for it?


If I had to give up coffee for a watch, I’d rather not know what time it is :slight_smile: